Being an outsourced manufacturer to another company is an honour. We are honoured by the trust given to our production process, quality, safety and expertise. Our every process conforms to the systematic and stringent authoritative regulations, and we make immediate improvements where issues arise.

Outsourcing your production line with us will help you save up on inventory, workforce, training, equipment, facility set up and more. We aim to help you with the manufacturing side of your business so that you could concentrate on the marketing and other areas of your business.

Benefits of having us
as your manufacturing team

Benefits of having us as Meng Choon manufacturing team

Ready skilled teams & equipment

  • No recruitment and training needed
  • Save on equipment and facility set up cost
  • Save on operational & maintenance cost
Benefits of having us as Meng Choon manufacturing team

Halal, MeSTI, HACCP Certified facility

  • Get certified ready products
  • Get quality-controlled products
  • Prospect for wider market saturation
Benefits of having us as Meng Choon manufacturing team

Expertise in product R&D

  • Get market-ready products
  • Reduce product development time and cost
Benefits of having us as Meng Choon manufacturing team


  • Product customisation
  • Packaging, labelling and bottling customisation
Meng Choon's Standards & Commitment
Meng Choon's Standards & Commitment

Standards &

Stringent food safety and quality practices are the daily agenda at Meng Choon Food Industries. We take significant measures into ensuring each step and process complies with the strict regulatory standards.

The stringent quality-controlled environment we bake in daily is our commitment towards the hygiene, safety, quality and freshness of the cookies and pastries, making sure they are good enough to eat.

Our products and facility are HALAL, MeSTI and HACCP certified by Jakim, Food and Safety Division Ministry of Health Malaysia and GiC, respectively. We are also a proud achiever of the Golden Eagle Awards by Nanyang Siang Pau as an honour and recognition for our outstanding achievements and entrepreneurship.

Benefits of HALAL, MeSTI and HACCP certified products

Meng Choon Halal Logo


Halal certified products are considered quality product as the certification requires production process to adhere to the HACCP requirements. Bearing the Halal-certified logo on packaging provides a guarantee to all Muslim consumers and also non-Muslim consumers.

Meng Choon MeSTI Logo


MeSTI is one of the requirements for exporting. MeSTI is a food safety program by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for the maintenance of food hygiene and process control. Bearing the logo on packaging means the products comply with a full spectrum of hygiene requirement and safety standards.

Meng Choon HACCP Logo


Being compliant with the HACCP system means that the products have gone through food safety management to prevent the risk of food safety problems. Thus, having this logo on the packaging could promote and increase international trade and consumers’ confidence in food safety. This enhanced food safety has greater access to export markets.