Meng Choon - Traditional and new flavours to keep traditions going
Meng Choon - Traditional and new flavours to keep traditions going

Baking since 1978

It is the passion and fondness of Chao-san traditional cookies and pastries that led Mr & Mrs Ng Meng Choon to start baking and selling some of their favourites in 1978. Since then, their persistent effort in recreating the traditional flavours has never stop. In pursuit of providing traditional flavours with the taste of home, their home-based business has gradually grown into a full-fledged manufacturing factory.

Today, Meng Choon Food Industries has developed a broad range of cookies, pastries and festive favourites aside from the Chao-san traditional delicacies.

The signature product, Plait Cookies or Kuih Pintal along with hundred over product varieties cater to specific demands in the local and international market, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East and Mainland China.

Manufacturing these products under the HALAL, MeSTI and HACCP certification has governed Meng Choon Food Industries a considerable market reach not just in retail distribution but also in manufacturing services that includes OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing).

From home-based to factory

It has been a long way getting to where Meng Choon Food Industries is today. Looking down memory lane gives us a flashback on how the passion and love of Chao-san traditional cookies and pastries brought a home-based bakery to a factory with exports and now with online market place.

Our history empowers our capabilities and persistence to think and move forward every day. We take great dedication, perseverance and attentiveness in what we do as we believe our hard work will bring us closer to becoming everyone’s favourite festive cookies and pastries.

Manufacturing the taste of homemade

Preserving the taste of homemade has become a big part of Meng Choon Food Industries’ success story. Dedicating ourselves to manufacture the homemade flavours like the home-based baking where we started.

We commit ourselves in using ingredients of the highest quality, the making process are of the strictest safety standards, and products are made fresh before distribution to ensure that the taste of homemade remains in the manufacturing process. These standards apply to our house brand and all contract manufacturing services.

In all that we do, the focus is on retaining the aspects of homemade as much as we could – quality ingredients, safe to eat and freshly made.

Skilled Teams

Meng Choon Food Industries’ success is very much dependant on our team of dedicated, skilled experts in their own right – storekeeping, production, quality control, packing, research and development, management, sales, marketing and more.

Everyone is of importance to every process in manufacturing the best cookies and pastries with the taste of home. Working hand-in-hand under the leadership of the new successor has brought new light to the company and having the best team that adheres to the same values is a blessing that moves us forward.

Our R&D team work tirelessly to explore new recipes to expand the product line. Mix contemporary with traditional to attract the younger generation, and make tweaks on traditional recipes to fit to the modern lifestyle, such as lessen the sugar content but still preserving the original flavours. They too are the experts in charge when it comes to customising and tweaking our market-ready recipes and turn them into a personalised product for your brand.

Going Global

Sharing our cookies and pastries with Malaysians and with the rest of the world is an aim that brings excitement to us at Meng Choon Food Industries. Exporting to the overseas market is a milestone that marks our persistence, determination and dedication worthwhile.

Going global is a voyage of our expansion and market growth, which has also become the motivation for us to persist in producing the best flavours we could.

Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia / Thailand / Brunei / Hong Kong, China / Taiwan
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